Postbox and GMail: A Great Match!

Recently, I got tired of all the performance issues with Outlook accessing Google GMail and switched to a new mail client that has made a big fan out of me. The product is called Postbox and you have to try it!

Windows 7 Tip: Don’t Upgrade!

Just a quick tip for all of you out there about installing Windows 7 on existing machines with older versions of Windows. Don’t do it.

It’s Been Fun, Mac, But I’m Going Back to PC

All things being equal, if Windows was still the pain-in-the-butt it used to be, I might consider plunking down twice the money for a new Mac; however, with Windows 7 things are no longer equal. Microsoft brought in some top talent to fix Windows and they have succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

For Backup, Tarzan Like Jungle Disk!

There are many products on the market today for online backup: Mozy, Carbonite, CrashPlan and others. The one that caught my eye, my admiration, my trust and my wallet was JungleDisk. I’m not sure where the name came from although it does make me giggle when I tell people about it. The name aside, JungleDisk is a robust, reliable, excellent online backup service that deserves serious consideration.

Amazon Kindle 2 & Me

When my Amazon Kindle arrived, I felt like I was holding a piece of Star Trek tech in my hands. The unit is small, light, thin and beautifully designed. It is not much bigger than a hardbound book. The screen is unbelievably sharp and crisp using a technology called electronic ink (E-Ink). This technology enables the Kindle to display a page without using battery power like with most LCD screens. The only time the Kindle uses power from the battery is when the Kindle draws (renders) a page or the wireless connectivity is on. Once a page is displayed, no power is used to maintain it. This is why it is called “ink.”

Is Farmville Driving You Nuts?

I’ve had several folks mention to me that their Facebook feeds have been overwhelmed with all the updates for applications like Farmville, Vampire Wars, etc. I know the feeling! It had me ready to delete my account, until I discovered a handle little tip for getting rid of the buggers.

Lenovo IdeaPad S12 Netbook – Awesome!

The 12-inch diagonal glossy screen is beautiful. So bright and sharp. Windows 7 never looked better. For anyone who just needs a laptop to do standard tasks like documents, e-mail, and web browsing, this is the machine for you. Inexpensive, powerful, beautiful and light.

Mac PowerPC Owners Are Going to be S.O.L.

If you are not careful, you might find yourself buying software that will not run on your PowerPC. Look VERY carefully for the system requirements information which is often buried on the product page for that next upgrade. Some vendors are not being very upfront and about telling you that if you want their “latest and greatest,” you need to buy a new Mac.

OMG! Microsoft Windows 7 Kicks Butt!

Has it finally happened? Has Windows 7 put the operating system at a true milestone in its evolution? Is it worth the upgrade to the point of even buying a new computer? Yes, Virginia, to all of those questions. Windows 7 is worth it. Your computing experience is about to be lifted to an entirely new level.

Restart BlackBerry Without Pulling Battery

Did you know you can force a restart of your BlackBerry without having to take the cover off and pull the battery? If your BlackBerry locks up and you want to give it the three-finger-salute (aka. CTRL-ALT-DEL on a PC), then look no further. Hold down the left ALT key, than press and hold the…

ReQall Remembers It All!

Today I tried out a service called ReQall on my BlackBerry. The service claims to be able to help you keep from forgetting things you need to do. I did not think it possible that someone could take a simple application like a to-do list and make it better, but I was wrong. The folks…

Frustration With BlackBerry AppWorld?

Quite a few of us have had problems with Blackberry AppWorld, especially when installations get stuck in what we in the industry like to call “an unknown state.” Basically, it’s just hosed. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling AppWorld will fix the problem. You can wipe your device to fix the problem, but what a…