Who is This Guy?

10675514_10152478927627428_2224311009856143338_nMy name is Rob Alfieri. I am an Information Technology Executive with over 36 years of experience in worldwide enterprise solutions development, systems engineering, Internet/e-commerce, web content and digital asset management systems, operations, project/program management, sales and team leadership, identity and access management, information security and am an principal enterprise architect.

I have been working with Technology since I was 16. It all happened one day when I needed a summer job.

In the mid-1970s I was hired as a clerk typist for a small business in Philadelphia and they had purchased a brand new IBM System/3 minicomputer to do their accounting and order processing. I was intrigued and managed to talk the Accounting Manager into teaching me how to operate it. From the moment I turned it on, I knew that this was going to be my career. It was as if I was living in the world of Star Trek.

Over 30 years later, I find myself thankful for having taken that 9th grade typing class. Over the years, I have worked my way up through a career path that was very new at the time.

From computer operator, to programmer, to development manager, to operations manager of a Fortune 100 technology company’s worldwide web team.

Then I decided to go to work for a software company in sales. Yes, sales. Many of my geek colleagues accused me of going over to the “Dark Side.” I have always enjoyed working with people to help them figure out how technology can help them, rather than hurt, dismay and annoy them. It was a facet I wanted to explore.

After many years of being asked to help family, friends, and my own paying clients, I thought: “Why not share my knowledge and experience with anyone who needs it?”

I have always enjoyed writing, so this blog was born. Hopefully, I can provide you with some information or assistance when you find yourself totally betwixt by this technical gobbledegook you’re faced with every day!

Send your technical questions via e-mail (questions@ubertechguy.com) or Twitter (ubertechguy). It can be about anything related to your daily use of technology hardware, software or services. I will do my best to find you an answer and post it here for the benefit of others.

Live Long and Prosper,

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