Goodbye, iPhone! Hello Droid!

AppleOrAndroid.fwI’ve been asked if I’m still liking my Droid. It’s been two months since I got my Droid Maxx to replace my iPhone. I started my smartphone obsession with the Palm Treo and jumped on the iPhone bandwagon when they were released. They were hip, cool, very usable, and quite beautiful.Since iOS 6, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the limitations for customization. Everyone uses their computers differently, which is why no two desktops look alike. That is true of phones as well. We all come from different walks of life. We work differently and we think differently.

This was the “wall” I hit with the iPhone. After Apple released iOS7, I went over the edge. My phone was unusable. It was dragged down with unwanted animations and special effects, a dumbed down interface, and overall unstable. Apps were crashing… a lot.  I wanted to surface content and applications that I use more quickly and easily. I also wanted to be able to add third-party applications that would fill in the gaps for what Apple didn’t provide. Not possible on an iPhone. Totally possible on Windows and Android.

If Windows phone was compatible with my company applications, I might have considered that route. It would be nice to have all my devices “in sync” interface-wise. That may be an option in the future, but for now, Android is doing what I need and doing it well.

I haven’t looked back since buying my Droid Maxx. Is it perfect? No. But it’s perfect for what I need right now. Everything seems faster and easier. I’ve added features and functions that my iPhone could never provide. I can customize what my phone does and how it reacts when I’m driving, in meetings, or sleeping. I can create custom actions and rules for just about anything. I’ve customized the desktop to provide me with information and applications that I use constantly with minimal taps. I’m content. For now, anyway. And the battery life is fantastic. No more charging twice a day. My phone lasts from sun up to bedtime.

Needless to say, not everyone needs or wants to customize the way their phone interacts with them. But if you do, Droid Does.

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