Is Your iPhone LifeProofed? Why Not?!

You know what I mean. How many of us treat our iPhone like we are walking on eggs, afraid to mishandle it, drop it on the ground, or even get moisture on it? How many of us have been searching for the perfect iPhone case, one that protects our beloved device, yet is light and unobtrusive? I have tried almost every decent case on the market, including those from Seidio, Incipio, OtterBox, and others. Finally, after talking to a colleague who bought one for a family member, I took the plunge and bought a LifeProof ( I had shied away from it in the past because of the price, but then again, you do get what you pay for.

The LifeProof case is an ingenious design in its simplicity and engineering. The case does not add much to the bulk or weight of your iPhone. It also does not detract from its beauty. The case comes in a number of colors, including black, pink, purple, and white. The amazing thing about this case is that it seals out dust, dirt, and water. Never again worry about dropping your iPhone in the sink, a puddle, snow, or the pool.

The secret behind the LifeProof design is a case that is in two halves that fit together in very close tolerance. The halves are sealed with a custom o-ring that keeps water and dirt out. The ports for the speaker, microphone, and earpiece are covered with a GoreTex material that keeps water out, but allows sound to escape. The back cover acts as a subwoofer to amplify and enrich the sound. You can feel it vibrate in your hand when playing music.

The earphone jack is closed with a screw-in cover that contains an o-ring as well. I use a Bluetooth headset, so having the screw-in cover does not bother me; although some folks may find they tend to drop or lose the screw cover. In order to maintain the seals, there is a headphone jack adapter that screws into the port with an o-ring as well. This permits you to use waterproof headphones with your iPhone while near or even in the pool or water. The watertight seal is rated for no more than 6 feet underwater, so don’t take it scuba diving with you.

The charging port is covered by a watertight door that snaps tightly into place. The opening will accommodate a standard Apple charging cable. You can also add a dock extender to enable docking with your favorite external platform while the case is still on. LifeProof offers one on their web store.

I’ve had my case for several days, and find I appreciate it more and more. For example, I noticed that the screen had a lot of schmutz on it. Normally, I would reach for a microfiber cloth and screen cleaner. Instead, I grabbed the phone and washed it under running water with mild hand soap and dried it with a soft towel. Not only was it easy to clean, but now I can keep my phone cleaner and more bacteria free. You may have read that cellphones are one of the WORST carriers of bacteria because people are constantly handling them, but never clean them.

Another time, my phone rang while I was washing my hands. It was an important call. Normally I would panic to dry my hands before answering, often missing the call. I remembered that my iPhone was now “LifeProofed” and answered the call with my hands dripping water all over it. No big deal! How cool is that?

Recently, I handed my iPhone to a colleague who immediately noticed the case. “What is this?” she exclaimed. “It is is light, thin, and crystal clear. I have to get one!” That is the kind of reaction I have experienced from everyone who has seen and held this case in their hand.

If you are a busy, active person like me, you owe it to yourself to try this case. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Stop worrying about protecting your expensive iPhone and enjoy using it no matter what you are doing by getting a LifeProof case. You won’t be sorry!

PS: LifeProof has a case in the works for iPad! Soon you’ll be able to enjoy your iPad on the beach or by the pool!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. AJACs says:

    Dock port accessibility for charging and car stereo hookup?

  2. Rob Alfieri says:

    Thanks for asking! Yes, there is a dock port cover that allows charging with the standard Apple charging cable. I’ve updated my review to include this information.

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