Facebook App Sucking Battery Life?

It would appear this is the case on both Android and iPhone platforms. Recently my daughter told me that the Sprint rep told her to remove Facebook from her Android phone because it destabilizes the platform. He said it also quickly sucks down power. I handed my iPhone 4s to a friend last night at dinner who asked: “Why is it so hot?” Indeed the iPhone gets very hot at times, which I attributed to the transmitter boosting due to possibly poor signal.

My friend also has an iPhone 4s and hasn’t been experiencing the short battery life I am experiencing. So I asked my friend if he had Facebook installed. The answer was no. I then had my delayed “a-ha moment.” I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone 4s just to see what would happen. Within a few minutes, my phone was cool to the touch. Hmm.

This morning at 8:00 AM I picked up my iPhone 4s and disconnected it from the charger. It was still cool. Usually by noon, I have lost over half of my battery power. Lo and behold, at noon today I am currently at 72% power. Could it be that simple? So far, the answer seems to be “YES!”

UPDATE: It is now 12 hours later at 8:00 PM and I have 25% power left on my battery. This proves to me definitively that Facebook’s refreshes and push of information is severely affecting power consumption. For now, I’m using the mobile website or the Facely app to update Facebook. If Apple delivers in improving power usage in the upcoming iOS 5.1 update, I will be a very happy camper!

Yo, Facebook! Fix this! 😛

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  1. Jere Trojillo says:

    I came to your website a few days ago and I have been reading through it regularly. You have a ton of very good information on your blog and i also really like the particular design of the site as well. Keep up the great work!

  2. Rob Alfieri says:

    Thanks, Jere! I’m glad you find the information helpful. I need to write more!

  3. Aman says:

    I have noticed that too. When i use facebook app it drain 2 to 5% in no time. It doesnt happen when I use Twitter or skype or fring they running in the background amd doesnt suck more then 1% in hour but facebook takes 2 to 5 % in no time

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