My Kingdom for the Perfect Smartphone!

I want to get rid of my awful Blackberry, but what’s a techie to do? Sprint HTC EVO, Verizon Motorola Droid X, and Apple iPhone4… oh my!

All of these phones have great designs and great features, but the more I look into them, the harder it is to make a decision!

HTC EVO has a great feature set and design, but the battery life is abysmal. How can a business user have a phone last only half the day?

See the following articles:

Motorola Droid X is coming out the end of July and looks promising. See the following articles:

Apple iPhone has the usual challenges with the absolutely unreliable AT&T network and now its antenna. The decision to push the antenna into the steel band of the phone is causing reception problems and can actually drop calls on you. Apple states you should use a case or pay for one of their $30 “bumpers” to avoid having skin touch the sides. Seriously? See the following articles:

So another month will have to go by when I can get my hands on the Verizon Motorola Droid X before I can make a decision. Maybe by then, the iPhone kinks will be worked out… but no… wait… it’s still on the AT&T network!

Curses!!! 😛

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