Postbox and GMail: A Great Match!

Yes, it has been a while! Work and school have been keeping me crazy busy. Most of what I write about comes from trying new things, discovering new ways to accomplish a task, or experience I’ve gained working with my clients. Recently, I got tired of all the performance issues with Outlook accessing Google GMail and switched to a new mail client that has made a big fan out of me. The product is called Postbox and you have to try it!

Postbox is a personal information manager (PIM) client built on the Mozilla Thunderbird code base. The difference is in the user interface and the way that the team at Postbox have given real thought to the way we work. The product is available for both Windows and Mac OS X!

At the heart of the product is the e-mail interface. E-mail can be viewed in more ways than you can imagine. For example, you can:

  • Easily add e-mail accounts using the built-in new account wizard.
  • Install plug-ins for calendaring (Mozilla Lighting), Google contacts synchronization and more.
  • Have one-click access to all of the attachments, images and links in messages and search them.
  • Open multiple folders, messages, attachments, images, contacts and more in separate tabs.
  • Fast search for content using global or specific search operators, even Windows Search.
  • Search from the compose window while you are writing a message. Great for find that attachment you wanted to include in your new message.
  • Find any piece of information from your contacts, enabling you to search for recent messages, attachments, images or links.
  • Threaded conversation views that are attractive and easy to read with many configuration options.
  • Mark you e-mail as a To-Do item and have it “stick” to the top of your e-mail list until you’ve finished working with it.
  • Fully integrate with Google GMail, including it’s folder-based Spam reporting.
  • Ability to categorize messages by topics.
  • Anti-phishing and malware filtering and so much more!

The latest update to Postbox version 1.1.2 brought a serious improvement in speed when using Postbox with Google GMail accounts. Most of us who have used Outlook to access IMAP mail accounts have suffered with the slow performance and flakiness, but no longer! My e-mail doesn’t crash any more! Hurray!

Postbox may not be free, but it is worth every penny. The price is $39.95, but if you click on the links in this article, you will get $10 off right now! For just just $24.95 more, you will get free upgrades for the life of the product! That’s crazy! There is a 100% risk-free 30-day guarantee, so you have nothing to lose, except maybe wasted time and frustration with your present mail client.

You know I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Try it. You’ll be a Postbox fan too!

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