Is Farmville Driving You Nuts?

screenshot_01I’ve had several folks mention to me that their Facebook feeds have been overwhelmed with all the updates for applications like Farmville, Vampire Wars, etc. I know the feeling! It had me ready to delete my account, until I discovered a handle little tip for getting rid of the buggers.

All you need to do is hover your mouse cursor over one of the offending news updates, like Farmville, and you’ll see an option box appear in the upper right corner of the item. Click on it and you’ll see some options. Click on “Hide Farmville” and magically every Farmville update on your feed will disappear!

Repeat the process with any other annoying application updates (or even friends) that you see. Facebook will remember your preferences. Ahhhh… peace and quiet again!

If you change your mind and want to start seeing some of these feeds again, it’s easy to change. Go to the bottom of your feed page and click on “Edit Options”. You’ll see a popup (below) that will allow you to re-add the items you’ve hidden back into your Facebook feed.


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