Mac PowerPC Owners Are Going to be S.O.L.

apple_plus_intelYou may have noticed that it has already started. Software vendors are beginning to abandon the “old” Mac PowerPC platform in favor of the new Intel-based architecture. Many new and cool products are sporting the Intel-ONLY moniker to the frustration of existing PowerPC users.

For example, the latest and greatest cool apps from Google, such as Chrome and Picasa. Microsoft Silverlight 2.0. The newest PopCap game “Zuma’s Revenge!” Notice on the PopCap “Zuma’s Revenge!” product page the subtle notification about Intel-only by use of the Intel logo. If you’re not careful, you might miss it. I did. In the e-mail they sent all previous owners of Zuma, they never once stated it was Intel-only. What’s the big secret? If you balk about it, they’ll tell you “look at the System Requirements.” Oh, please!


Truth is, this is just the beginning. Be careful or you might find yourself buying software that will not run on your PowerPC. Look very carefully for the System Requirements information which is often buried on the product page for that next upgrade. Some vendors are not being very upfront in telling you that if you want their “latest and greatest,” you need to buy a new Mac. Seems a bit passive / aggressive to me.

Being a techie, I do understand the need for technology to evolve and move forward. Sometimes you have to abandon the old in order to embrace the new. I just don’t think software companies should be so “cloak and dagger” about it. Just tell us up front. No, we won’t like it; however,  it’s not like we have a choice about it.

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  1. KiltBear says:

    I think the last year Apple shipped a PowerPC chip was 2005? So, this shouldn’t be such a big shock.

    If I want to play Myst, I’ll have to run OS9 on my old iBook or buy it for the iPhone.

    Snowie doesn’t support PPC systems either. No reason to expect 3rd party apps to.

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