ReQall Remembers It All!

reqall_logoToday I tried out a service called ReQall on my BlackBerry. The service claims to be able to help you keep from forgetting things you need to do. I did not think it possible that someone could take a simple application like a to-do list and make it better, but I was wrong. The folks at ReQall have done something amazing!

According to their website, “Use your voice, email, instant messaging, or text messaging. No other memory tool makes it as easy to capture, retrieve, and share ideas and things you need to do—anywhere, anytime.” It’s true.

I installed the application on my BlackBerry and immediately started to make voice notes to myself. I set ReQall to one of the convenience buttons and went to town dictating things I need to remember that are coming up:

  • Submit expense report on Monday by 5:00 pm
  • Call Reg about project on Monday by 9:00 am
  • Pick up prescription tomorrow
  • Submit final presentation by end of day on Sunday

ReQall submitted the voice files up to their server where it was converted to text and synchronized back to my BlackBerry. In addition to the text, it added metadata such as due date and time, whether it was a to-do item, note or shopping lit item. If you import your contacts, it can link to them as well.

According to the site, “reQall is a voice-enabled memory aid that seamlessly integrates your mobile phone, email, text messaging and IM into a powerful organizer, reminder system and productivity assistant. reQall lets you capture your ideas, tasks and commitments before you forget, and it proactively keeps you well-prepared and memory-strong.”

ReQall is available on the BlackBerry and iPhone, with web browser access and integration with popular calendaring tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. You owe it to yourself to give ReQall a try. After an hour of working with it, I signed up for a Pro account for just $25/year.

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