WordPress is a Blogger’s Dream!

wordpress_logoRecently, I decided to beef up my advice blog. I was using MovableType and really enjoyed the product; however, I wanted more features and functions and did not want to be bogged down in installing code or trying to figure out how to integrate advanced functionality such as Twitter integration, tag clouds, and more.

I had looked at WordPress some time back and it wasn’t up to par with MovableType. All that has changed.In the last week, I was able to move my blog over to WordPress hosted on my own HostGator reseller service account. That’s when all the fun really started.

There is such as wealth of add-ins for WordPress that you can do just about anything you can dream up. Large collections of site themes, plug-ins, sidebar widgets just to name a few. All easily installed using the WordPress web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Anyone who knows me, knows that having a decent GUI is one of my hot buttons. It has to be well designed by being intuitive, attractive, and requiring a minimum of clicks. All of which allows me to keep what hair remains on my head!

I chose to host my own WordPress because I am a geek, after all, and because I have my own reseller hosting account with tons of storage. (Okay, I’m a control freak and I love to be in charge.)

But anyone can benefit from the WordPress experience just by signing up for an account at WordPress.com. I guarantee you be thrilled and amazed at what the developers at WordPress have been able to accomplish. How do they do that and still make it free? I have no idea, but I can tell you that it is so good, I would pay for it!

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