Beware of 3rd Party Facebook Applications

facebook-logo1I don’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring them when I don’t respond to many of these 3rd party Facebook applications. If the application is not developed by Facebook or a company I recognize as reputable, I will likely not respond to the notification since it requires I add the application to my Facebook account.

When you add an application, you are giving the 3rd party developer carte blanche to your profile information and list of friends. This is how phishing schemes and ID theft is being introduced into the Facebook community.Since I work in Information Security, I am very suspicious of 3rd party applications from developers that are not reputable (i.e. they have corporate websites or are known and well established software vendors).

For example, is a great photo editing site for folks who don’t want to install photo editing software. They can update your photos in Facebook, Picasa and many other web photo sites.

Some of the others, such as those passing drinks or other such cute applications, may be someone trying to get hold of your information.

Choose wisely and look at the numbers before you add an application. If you see thousands of users on an application, chances are the developer is reputable, but it is no guarantee. Please understand if I choose not to add the application to my account.

If you are unsure about a 3rd party developer, ask Facebook Help. Always practice safe computing!

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