Playing Virus Russian Roulette

Are you playing Russian Roulette with your computer by not having a current anti-virus installed and updated? Whether you are using a Windows or Mac, you should have an anti-virus product installed with an up-to-date subscription or you could find yourself losing your files, photos or worse, your entire system.

Anti-Virus software is the one software purchase no one should skimp on. There are great products out there that are reasonably priced and work very well. Each product is similar in functionality; however, there are some products that can drag the performance of your computer down to a crawl.

The following products have great performance, and one of them (AVG) is actually free to home users! If you are using Windows, take a look at the following products:

If you are using Mac OS X, the best performing product is from Intego called VirusBarrier. They also have a great SPAM tool called Personal AntiSpam that works well with Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage mail client.

Many Windows users likely have anti-virus software that was installed when they bought their machine and is probably out of date. Check your anti-virus software to insure that you have the latest version and updated virus database.

Every day there are new viruses being “released into the wild.” Anti-Virus companies are doing a great job of keeping up with this insidious problem. They spend a lot of money on development and research to protect your operating system and your data.

Also, be sure that you practice “safe computing”:

  1. Don’t download anything from the Internet unless you know the source is responsible and scans files for viruses.
  2. If you get an e-mail from someone you don’t know or you are not expecting, do NOT open any attachments. Most infections on computer systems occur when curious users open attachments just to see what is in them. Big mistake!
  3. Before you unzip a file, be sure to have your antivirus software check it. Most antivirus software will do this at the time of download, but be sure.
  4. Keep your antivirus software and subscription up-to-date.

Buying an antivirus product is the best money you could spend. Don’t play Russian Roulette with all the work and memories stored on your computer. In another article I will discuss having a good backup plan to ensure your files and your memories are never lost.

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