Don’t Be a Victim of Domain Robbery

I just had to start a category on scams after the phone call I just received. Of course, there was no CallerID associated with the call. After several hellos, a woman came on the line and told me she was from the “Domain Registry Service.” Uh, huh. Yeah, right.

As a grin crossed my face, I said “Yes?” after which she proceeded to tell me that there are upcoming changes to the registration for my domain name and they wanted to alert me to them so that I could take action.“Really, I said?” She said, “Yes. You need to take action now in order to protect your domain name.” I could barely contain myself. Finally I said, “I am a Domain Registrar. What is it you need to tell me that will affect the domains I manage?”

[CLICK!] End of call.

Don’t get scammed by these jokers trying to hijack your domain registry service or you might find you’ve lost your domain name. Getting it back won’t be easy either, especially if it is inadvertently released and someone else buys it.

Most folks don’t know this, but nobody owns their domain names. They are leased and need to be paid for on a periodic basis in order to keep them.

If you ever get a call from someone wanting information from you about your domain, hang up and send a support request to your domain provider (i.e. GoDaddy,, Network Solutions, etc.). Ask them if there are any open issues on your account. I’ll bet good money there aren’t any.

Oh. And before I leave the subject, watch out for anything you get via snail mail (i.e. the post office) claiming that your domain is expiring. These are scams as well trying to get your domain and your dollars under their control. Don’t do it. If you want to transfer your domain, do it online.

And if in doubt, drop me a line at

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